Publishers Weekly First Fiction Profile, And Faking It.

I was profiled alongside other debut fiction writers for Publishers Weekly. You can read the piece about me and The Turner House here

For my profile, Daniel Lefferts talked to my agent and editor about the process of getting the novel to print. My agent Ellen Levine says she first read the book in 2012, which is true. But she met me in 2010. I'd only written 15 pages at that time, which wasn't enough to give to her, but I was so impressed with her career and client list that I didn't want to miss an opportunity for face time. I sat across from Ellen and lied through my teeth. I said I was halfway done with the novel, that I knew how it would end. She asked me about plot points and for more details about certain characters, and I shot back answers. I hadn't thought about some of those characters before then. It was exhilarating because I was forced to make decisions about the book that I would have otherwise put off for months, being the indecisive person I am. I stuck with a lot of those decisions over the following four years. I faked it, and gave myself concrete ideas to work with until I made the book a reality. I'm glad I did.